submission phase completed
By 1 March 2020

We are looking for artistic ideas and project which will take our bid forward. The first hurdle is behind us – and now we are continuing the process with all intensity. In the final selection round of the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture 2025, it is the artistic and cultural programme in particular which will play a very significant part. During the entire bid process, we have been banking on the participation of the population in the city and in the region in all its diversity.

What sort of ideas are wanted?

For our second bid book, we are looking for excellent and outstanding ideas by artists or artists’ collectives which deal with our motto PAST FOWARD and the topics brought forward in Nuremberg’s bid. Creative artists will be completely free in their choice of medium: visual arts, film, literature, drama, photography, dance, architecture, design, fashion or crafts – everything is possible – across all boundaries.

Der Claim: 

Nürnberg repräsentiert wie kaum eine andere Stadt die europäische Geschichte. Wie wollen wir mit diesem Erbe umgehen, wo heute fast die Hälfte aller Nürnberger*innen eine internationale Geschichte hat? Die Kulturhauptstadt Europas 2025 ist für Nürnberg die Chance, den Blick in die Zukunft zu richten und Neues zu wagen, ohne dabei die Vergangenheit zu vergessen. PAST FORWARD!


Historical amnesia is fatal, especially in times when democratic values are becoming more brittle. Similarly, we mustn’t put the past in the museums or idealise it. Both actions obscure our view of the present and the future. We’ll embrace our historical heritage and focus on the injustices of today: Racism, discrimination, and marginalisation are part of everyday reality. Humans should be at the centre of attention: togetherness, participation, equal opportunities, human rights.

World Shaping

Behaim’s globe, Dürer’s celestial maps, the oldest art academy, Nürnberg the toy city: Working, learning, and playing shaped the city and region for centuries and they still do. We ask how we can lead meaningful, productive, and good lives in future and face technological, digital and cultural challenges. A city of visionaries, researchers, and artists should use its DNA to become a creative laboratory for work, experimentation, play, and art.


Today, Nürnberg is an ultra-diverse city with great social disparities and challenges. Fears are being exploited throughout Europe, isolationism and secessionism are on the rise – many of Europe’s edges are crumbling. Nürnberg declares togetherness its goal and asks how community can be secured and promoted fairly in the future. The focus is on social interaction, transculturalism, and sustainability. The city belongs to all of us – let’s shape it together!

How to submit ideas?


phase 1

The process is divided into two phases. Until 1 March 2020, ideas and projects may be submitted online or by post.

Upload idea

In the week after the deadline, an advisory board will look at all ideas and projects submitted and select those which are of particular artistic quality and relevance for Nuremberg’s bid and which clearly refer to one or several of the topics in Nuremberg’s bid to become European Capital of Culture.

On 9 March 2020, the artists whose ideas/projects have been selected will receive feedback from the advisory board. They will then have the opportunity to describe their ideas in more detail until 30 March, 2020:

  • Short description of idea (in 2-5 sentences)
  • Comprehensive description of idea
  • Names of possible partners
  • Timeline for implementation (starting in 2021)
  • Outline costing/estimated overall budget
  • Maximum of 10 pages


phase 2

The artists selected to go forward to phase II and submitting projects will receive a remuneration of 1,500 Euros each for developing their ideas/projects. By mid-May, the advisory board is expected to announce which of the phase II projects will be included in the second bid book. In phase II, the two main selection criteria are:

  • the project’s ability to encourage and include international cooperation
  • its feasibility